The Swedish Transport Administration’s implementation plan for the years 2019–2024 ( English short version)

Dokumentbeteckning: 2019:106

This is the Swedish Transport Administration’s implementation plan for the years 2019–2024. The plan covers a six-year period and will be revised annually.

The plan shows the measures that the Swedish Transport Administration is planning to implement during the period and which will have a significant impact on the transportation system. The current long-term plans for the years 2018–2029, the Swedish National Transport Plan and county plans for regional infrastructure are the basis for the implementation plan. The Swedish Transport Administration has chosen to show in the plan the measures that have the greatest impact on the transportation system, both the consequences of the measures when they are implemented and the impact on traffic that may arise when they are implemented. The aim is for external stakeholders to be aware of future measures and their effects, including as a basis for their own planning.
Artikelnr: TVD-43455