Make space for car-sharing!

Dokumentbeteckning: 2003:88E

The development of car-sharing in Sweden having accelerated the last years. Yet lack of knowledge regarding car-sharing is still a major factor hindering its establishment and expansion. The present report can be seen as complementing the earlier publications through presenting new documents and describing recent developments. The major aim is to clarify the potential of car-sharing and provide support for those wishing to further its growth. The greatest strength of car-sharing lies perhaps in the structural changes it can bring about - in particular through complementing the transportation system in its present form and providing more effective use of cars. This report is primarily a concise compilation of written material commissioned from different firms. The report deals with following matters: 
- A Swedish definition of car-sharing, together with quality requirements and practical considerations, here provided in its entirety.   
- A national strategy for furthering the development of car-sharing. A summary of it is provided here. 
- A nationwide investigation of the interest shown in car-sharing and of the demographic basis for car-sharing. Results of the investigation are summarized. 
- What is known regarding the effect of car-sharing on carbon dioxide emissions, a summary of this being provided. 
- Digital administrative systems presently available for car-sharing organizations, as summarized here.
Artikelnr: TV11592